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Custom mobile applications for today's business needs.

Powerful, Portable Software

Mobile devices have come a long way in recent years, with modern tablets having as much processing power as many current laptops and PCs. Now, with the launch of Apple’s iPad Pro devices, the Apple Pencil and with a host of creative and business software designed specifically for portable devices, the iPad is a real replacement for any desktop or laptop computer.

We create software solutions for modern iOS devices that are truly portable and capable of functioning without the need for an active connection to any online, web-based service. Where synchronising data to a “master” system is required, we design our applications with complete connectivity, yet still remain fully-functional when an active internet-connection isn’t available. Our apps offer complete stand-alone solutions, packed with features that allow you to use them absolutely anywhere.

If you need a portable, tailored application for a single-user or a networked system, for multiple-users, synchronising data to a centralised source, then we can design, create and deploy a completely bespoke solution just for you.

Custom Apps

Portable Business Solutions

Sometimes, the App Store is not the best place to distribute an app, especially when it needs to be highly specialised, private or just not meant for the public. We create business solutions that don’t need to appear in the App Store but can be distributed privately, through Apple’s Enterprise distribution system, or simply deployed as a FileMaker Go application, as a stand-alone system or as part of a greater networked solution.

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Public App Store

Apps for the App Store

Have you got a great idea for an iOS app but have no idea how to go about creating it, nor the inclination to learn how to code? Are you worried about using an offshore-developer you found on the internet?

Let us help you bring your app idea to life. We can talk you through the process of creating and submitting an app to the App Store and, perhaps over a cup of coffee, introduce you to the variety of ways available to monetise your application.

App Store

Native iOS Apps

We create apps for iOS mobile devices, in native Cocoa Touch, Objective-C and Swift 3.0.

Custom iOS Apps

We also create custom apps that can be distributed outside the App Store.

Desktop Software

We don’t just make mobile apps, we also create solutions for Mac and Windows computers.

Enterprise Apps

We also build Enterprise solutions, distributed via Apple’s B2B Volume Purchase Programme.

Our Apps

Just some of the apps currently available in the App Store.

“It’s inevitable that all computing will be mobile."

Jeff Hawkings, 1991
(founder of Palm Inc and creator of the hand-held computing paradigm)